Kylie confidential (Smith, Sean)

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From 'girl-next-door' to Princess of Pop to ultimate dance diva, Kylie Minogue has transcended her soap opera roots to become one of the biggest icons in popular culture. You would have to have been living on a different planet not to know that Kylie is currently the shiniest star in the pop heavens. Several bestselling singles and an award winning album in 2001, two coveted Brit Awards in 2002 - the girl from down under is hotter than Venus. Her face adorns magazine covers worldwide, and even 'serious' newspapers discuss everything from her love life to her perfect bottom. It seems Kylie, Princess of Pop, has the world at her beautifully manicured feet. Whether you've just discovered Kylie or have been a dedicated fan for years, you're sure to find some thrilling revelations in this entertaining and fun book. Kylie Confidential looks at the many fascinating images of the star through the years - as teen actress, pop puppet, creative musician, sex goddess, style queen, lover and gay icon.