King of ashes. Raymond Feist. 2018.

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Garn once boasted five great kingdoms-until Ithrace was betrayed. It’s royal family, the flame-haired Firemane, was not saved even by its affinity with fire: every one of them was executed by the King of Sandura. Now four kingdoms remain, out of balance and on the brink of war. But there are whispers that a newborn Ithraci heir may have been smuggled away…Terrified, the four kings place a bounty on the child’s head, lest the boy grow up with revenge in his heart.

Declan is a gifted apprentice to a master blacksmith in a peaceful village learning an ancient craft - until slavers descend to capture men to press as soldiers for Sandura, forcing him to run for his life, carrying with him his priceless knowledge of the forging of jewel steel.

On the secret island domain of the Quelli Nascoti assassins, three young friends are being schooled in the arts of espionage and killing: Donte, son of a senior master; Hava, a fierce girl and gifted fighter; and Hatu, a strange, conflicted boy in whom fury and calm war constantly, whose hair is a bright and fiery shade of red.,,,..,..