Kill the messenger (Hoag, Tami)(2005, paperback)

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At the end of a long, hard day battling the Los Angeles traffic, bike messenger Jace Damon is called on to make a pick-up from the office of sleazy defence attorney Leonard Lowell. Jace is tired, and needs to get home to check up on his little brother who he’s single-handedly bringing up. He makes the collection, but the delivery address turns out to be a vacant lot, a car tries to run him down, and Jace only just escapes. He returns to the attorney’s office to find that Lowell has been murdered - and Jace is the prime suspect.

Jace is forced to elude both the police and the men who want him dead whilst he attempts to find evidence to clear his name. And he must keep his brother safe from someone who is prepared to kill……….