Kid wrangling (Cooke, Kaz)

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What if the baby won’t stop crying? What are babies supposed to eat, and when? Which way up do they go? Right from the first hours of your newborn bub’s life through to the first day of school, Kaz delivers all the up-to-date, reliable info, with backing from medical experts, official guidelines, and advice from real mums and dads.

Kidwrangling is funny, reassuring and practical, with no judgemental guru-speak about the right way to do things – just a range of great solutions for you to choose from. The newest re-print of Kidwrangling has info on car safety seats, safe sleeping recommendations for babies, kids with special needs, allergies, immunisation, fully revised contacts and heaps more. Not to mention: the satirical How to Be Perfect Routine ('Adjust push-up bra, exfoliate feet, clean up sick').

Kidwrangling includes:

Babies: getting through the first weeks; bosoms, bottles, sleeping, crying, coping, new mum & newborn health, bonding, the blues, mum's post-baby body, equipment, first food, teething, dummies, vaccination and more. 
Toddlers & preschoolers: ‘toilet-training’, teaching kids how to behave, developmental milestones, dealing with common illnesses, family food, child care, exercise, getting ready to start school, and more.