Ironbark (Nicholls, Johanna)

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Jack Andersen is a proud Currency Lad with a swagger in his step and a joke for his mates, until he discovers the wife he's besotted with has left him, and taken their young daughter with her. Fuelled by revenge he starts a long search for his wife and vows never to trust 'good women' again.

Few people seem to think a Gypsy like Keziah Stanley could ever be a 'good woman'. Separated by the law from her beloved Gypsy husband, Keziah decides to travel to Australia to find the love of her life. Keziah boasts she can read anybody's future... but her own life is proving harder to read.

Daniel Browne already knows what his future will be - the life of a great artist. And he's determined to follow his dream; no matter what.

When this volatile trio is thrown together in colonial Australia, they form an extraordinary alliance that will challenge the establishment. Love, hate, survival and revenge - all will discover the truth