How the hell did this happen?: a cautionary tale of American democracy (O’Rourke, P. J.)(2017, paperback)

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The 2016 presidential election cycle was so absurd that celebrated political satirist, journalist, and die-hard Republican P. J. O’Rourke endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Starting with the full cast of presidential candidates, P.J. analyses his way through the debates and key primaries, campaign platforms (or lack thereof) and presidential style (or lack thereof), to show us how Donald J. Trump, a man whose ‘haircut makes Kim Jong Un laugh,’ happened to America.

Finally, assessing the new administration eight months in (‘Trump is well into his third trimester. If he’s as pregnant with ideas as he says he is he could have one at any moment.’),P. J. Tackles the next big question in a new epilogue: ‘When the hell will this end?’