Homeplace/Far Harbor (Ross, Joann)

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Fighting legal battles eighty hours a week has left Raine Cantrell burned ut and empty. Then she gets an urgent call that forces her to return to her washington state hometown, Coldwater Cove, to face unresolved feelings, unhealed wounds, and an unexpected desire. Sheriff Jack O'Halloran, a man with a tragic past, isn't ready for Raine to invade his territory - or his thoughts. And Raine ins't ready for anyone to touch her heart. Their solution is adult, reasonable - and totally foolish. they'll have a simple affair. But they are both about to discover that love is rarely simple... and that lives can change forever in a heartbeat.


After her seemingly idyllic marriage turns out to be a pretty illusion, Savannah Townsend returns to her hometown of Coldwater Cove and begins to transform the Far Harbor Lighthouse into the cozy inn she has always dreamed of. But she hasn't planned on having feelings for Daniel O'Halloran, a caring and passionate man from her past. As affection moves to attraction and then to something far deeper, Savannah learns that in life nothing worth having comes easily. She also discovers that some dreams really are forever.