Hard time (Paretsky, Sara)(1999, paperback)

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When private investigator V. I. Warshawski swerves to avoid hitting a dying woman on a dark street, it is the beginning of her toughest challenge yet.

The woman is Nicola Aguinaldo, a runaway from women’s prison Coolis, and ex-nanny for BB Baladine, the head of a large and powerful private security firm. When V. I. starts asking awkward questions about Nicola’s death, she becomes the victim of an aggressive cover-up which brings her head-on with the police, the prison and corrupt big business, leaving her isolated from her allies and in more danger than ever before - even old friend and one-time lover journalist Murray Ryerson has sold his soul to the showbiz sharks at media empire Global Entertainment. V.I. Is used to taking a bruising, but when she is arrested on a trumped-up charge and thrown into the lion’s den at Coolis she faces her hardest time yet………..