Hairy Maclary's rumpus at the vet. Linley Dodd. 2014.

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The vet's waiting room is full of woeful animals. Hairy Maclary is minding his own bandages when he unintentionally sets chaos in motion . . .

In the fifth adventure of Lynley Dodd's famous Hairy Maclary and Friends series, there's a kerfuffle in the Vet’s waiting-room.
Sniffles and snuffles
and doses of flu,
itches and stitches

and tummy ache too . . .

Hairy Maclary is waiting to see the vet with lots of other pets. Then something happens to turn the waiting room into a scramble of paws, a tangle of bodies and a jumble of jaws . . .

Surely the vet will be able to fix it?