Golden lion (Smith, Wilbur)(2015, hardcover)

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The Golden Bough,captained by Henry ‘Hal’ Courtney, is running south from Ethiopia to Zanzibar. Below deck, both his crew and his lover, the fearless warrior Judith Nazet, sleep. As the moon glints through clouds, Hal sights a ship passing close by. Although there is an uneasy truce between the warring English and Dutch, Hal scents danger. Then the Bough is boarded and the crew must go hand-to-hand to defend the ship and their lives.

But soon Hal will face a graver danger, when he discovers his mortal enemy still lives and is hell-bent on revenge. He must pursue his nemesis across desert and savannah, through the seedy underbelly of Zanzibar’s slave markets and shark-infested waters, imperilling his own life at every turn. But it will take more than a slave’s shackles to hold Hal Courtney......