Fear of fifty: a midlife memoir (Jong, Erica)(1994, paperback)

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Erica Jong looks back on the first half of her life as a woman of the ‘whiplash generation’: a generation reared to be Doris Day, coming of age wanting to be Gloria Steinem, and bringing up daughters in the age of Princess Di and Madonna.

With passion, irreverence, and candour, she reveals the exuberant chaos of her bohemian Russian-Jewish family; her early career as a poet; her long-term love affair with Italy and many briefer ones with men, including an English academic and a mysterious Venetian ‘satyr’; the pain and joy of her marriages, experiments, obsessions, and the powerful ties of motherhood.

Interspersed through her personal story are reflections - always trenchant and witty, often incendiary - on feminism, fame, age, poetry, sex.....all viewed from the relative calm of fifty something but with the passion of a woman who continues to be a pioneer.