Don't go hungry for life (Sainsbury-Salis, Amanda)

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Your practical guide to losing weight and keeping it off throughout life with the scientifically based principles of The Don't Go Hungry Diet.

Since its publication, The Don't Go Hungry Diet has helped many people to lose weight and keep it off using Dr Sainsbury-Salis' scientifically based principles for permanent weight loss. Now, Don't Go Hungry For Life brings you an uplifting and riveting collection of success stories, demonstrating how different people applied these principles to solve their diet obsessions, overcome challenges, lose excess weight and develop a healthy relationship with food and their body.

As a world-leading scientist specialising in weight management research, and having personally struggled with binge eating before losing over 28 kilos and keeping it off for over 12 years (and counting), Dr Sainsbury-Salis draws on recent scientific studies and real-life experiences to show you the ten common traps that prevent people from successfully attaining or maintaining an optimum body weight. She'll then walk you step-by-step through a series of ten simple diagnostic tests that will show you which of these common mistakes may be keeping you from reaching your optimum weight for life, and what to do about it.