Die in plain sight (Lowell, Elizabeth)(2003, paperback)

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Blessed with an unerring eye, impeccable taste and a gift for discovering unknown talent, landscape artist Lacey Quinn makes her living as an art buyer. When her grandfather - an unheralded painter of the 1920s California Impressionist movement - dies, Lacey inherits hundreds of his paintings. And as it happens, ‘plain air’ landscapes like his are suddenly the must-have item for wealthy collectors.

But when Lacey starts researching her grandfather’s art and his past, she finds that someone wants to stop her looking too closely by any means necessary. Someone who knows what Lacey doesn’t: that her grandfather’s paintings are a voice from the grave - crying murder.

Lacey gains a protector when exclusive appraisal house Rarities Unlimited’s operative, Ian Lapstrake, joins the search into a past that gets darker with each gravestone. He doesn’t like the look of her grandfather’s paintings - and he doesn’t want her to be the next one to die in plain sight.