Degrees of connection (Cleary, Jon)

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 Once again Scobie Malone and Ron Clements delve into the dark side of Sydney and bring us a story as fresh as this morning's headlines. From Sylvania Waters to Rooty Hill to harbourside penthouses, they negotiate a lethal world of corporate crime, dodgy deals and some very unorthodox business practices. Marilyn Hyx, loyal private secretary to Natalie Shipwood, the high-profile dynamo behind the high-profile Orlando Development Company, is found murdered in her home. Is it simply coincidence that she had in her possession some very sensitive Orlando documents? Was Marilyn trying to blackmail her long-time boss? Or is Marilyn's death a warning from someone trying to get at Natalie? An anthrax scare at the Orlando offices suggests the latter, but then lots of people don't like Natalie Shipwood - her business partners first among them. then a second murder occurs. this time a party-loving young woman is strangled in a Pyrmont townhouse, and the case puts Scobie into a conflict of interest - he must both find the killer and protect one of his own.