Confessional (Higgins, Jack)

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If you are the head of the KGB and wanted to plant some of the really deep cover and the West, what kind of occupation would you trade him for? In what occupation which they never expect to find a man who, with handgun, could split an apple -- or a head -- across a large room?

What kind of man would get close enough to kill the Pope after the Turks and Bulgarians botched it? Clearly a man of talent, and assassin of genius. A man to experience, too clever, to fail. A man who is been living inside the perfect cover -- the cassock of a benevolent and kindly Catholic priest.

British intelligence is faced with an acute problem. The Pope will be in England and less than one week. And they cannot find the man they know will kill him. Only two people can help. One is the beautiful Tanya Voroninova, a concert pianist and daughter of a KGB General. The other is British intelligence's old enemy, Liam Devlin, venerated and Ireland, feared and Britain.

Meanwhile this most unusual assassin is set for the biggest killer of his life. Even the Pope knows that and is waiting for him with open arms.