Cleanskin cowgirls (Treasure, Rachael)(2014, paperback)

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On the surface Elsie Jones, country-music superstar, has it all. But a brush with death forces her to re-evaluate her life.

Growing up a misfit in the dying wheat-belt town of Culvert, her only friend is chubby Tara Green. At sixteen the girls escape in a rust-bucket ute with a nearly dead dog, a mop and bucket, a guitar and $74.85. What could possibly go wrong?

While the road leads them to the outback scrub mustering cleanskin cattle, there's just one problem. Elsie and Tara have left their hearts in Culvert with their childhood sweethearts, eccentric inventor twins Zac and Amos Smith, who are hiding an incredible secret in their farm shed.

After a devastating betrayal, the girls are led on very different journeys. Can they find their way home again or is their friendship lost forever?