City of tears. Kate Mosse. 2021.

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June 1572: for ten violent years the Wars of Religionhave raged across France. Neighbours have become enemies, countless lives have been lost, and the country has been torn apart over matters of religion, citizenship and sovereignty. But now a precarious peace is in the balance: a royal wedding has been negotiated by Catherine denMedici and Jeanne d’Albret, an alliance between the Catholic Crown and Henri, the Huguenot king of Navarre. It is a marriage that could see France reunited at last.

Meanwhile in Puivert, an invitation has arrived for Minou Joubert and her family to attend the historic wedding in Paris in August. But what Minou does not know is that the Joubert family’s oldest enemy, Vidal, will also be there. Nor that, within days of the marriage - on the eve of the Feast Day of St. Bartholomew - Minou’s family will be scattered to the four winds, and one of her beloved children will have disappeared without trace…………