Business the Jack Welch way: 10 secrets of the world's greatest turnaround king (Crainer, Stuart)

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From a lowly job in the plastics division of GE to the position of chief executive of this $60 billion company, Jack Welch has probably climbed the corporate ladder farther and faster than anyone else. 

Now readers can go behind the scenes to find out what makes him tick in Business the Jack Welch Way. This new book traces the successful career--and uncovers the successful business strategies--of the man who's often called the most powerful CEO in America. 

What does he most value? How does he compare running gigantic GE to operating a corner grocery store? How did he transform this stodgy company into an exciting and dynamic one? And why is he lauded as a Renaissance man and yet nicknamed, pejoratively, "neutron Jack"? Readers will learn the answers to these questions (and plenty more) as the book unfolds the 10 key secrets of this incredible turnaround king.