Boned (Anonymous)(2008, paperback)

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After twenty years at Australia’s number one commercial TV station, the feisty and talented Kate Cornish is at the top of her game. She’s come a long way since her days as a starry-eyed journalism graduate and has outwitted many who would have stood in her way. Now she’s host of her own top-rating current affairs show, and her career looks secure.

But in the Blakey world of TV, being a woman can be a distinct disadvantage. Kate’s use-by date -aka her fortieth birthday - is approaching and rumours that management intends to bone her are flying thick and fast. The opening salvo has already been fired in the press. Kate knows her boss, the Machiavellian Mike Ripley, is behind the campaign.

Should Kate just accept her fate- or should she try to play Ripley and the rest of the boys at their own game?