Ramses: battle of Kadesh (Jacq, Christian)(1998, paperback)

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To save Egypt from the Hittites, Ramses II must face the might of their powerful army, whose weapons are vastly superior to Egypt’s own. War seems inevitable, and it is at Kadesh, the impenetrable fortress of Northern Syria, that the first major battle is to take place. But how can Ramses prepare himself for such a battle when the health of his beloved royal wife, Nefertiti, is failing rapidly? And how can he be vigilant at home in Egypt where a pro-Hittite underground network continues to grow?

Ramses needs to travel South in search of the Stone Goddess-the last hope to save his dying Queen - but the imminent battle to save his entire civilisation is to the North. Will Ramses’ father, now a celestial god, answer his desperate pleas for help and guidance?