Autumn castle (Wilkins, Kim)(2003, paperback)

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Berlin in autumn: Christine Starlight is living in an artist’s colony in the crumbling urban shadows of the old east.Her lover Jude is a painter whose patience and beauty have eased her long battle with chronic pain, but Christine begins to be haunted by recollections of her childhood, of a little girl’s disappearance and the flapping of a blackbird’s wings.

Then her life is rocked by the return of her childhood friend - a crimson- haired beauty who presides over a land where a witch lives in a well, a wolf is the queen’s counsel or, and fate turns on the fall of an autumn leaf. As Christine grows addicted to Mayfridh’s fakery world, where mortals feel no pain, so Mayfridh grows addicted to Christine’s, and falls deeply and dangerously in love with Jude.

 It while jealousies,  betrayals and secrets begin to unpick the threads of their lives, they are unaware of the ghastly threat which stalks them: the cruel and brilliant Immanuel Z, who is hunting faery bones for a grand sculpture.....