Armageddon’s children (Brooks, Terry)(Genesis of Shannara, Bk.1)(2006, paperback)

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Fifty years from now, our world is unrecognisable. Pollution and warfare have poisoned the skies, the water and the soil. Pockets of society still exist, living in highly fortified strongholds, but even these isolated compounds are not safe. Armies of demons and once-men assault their defences and one by one, they succumb. Civilisation has fallen and anarchy is the only law.

Logan Tom and Angel Perez are the last two Knights to stand against the forces of chaos. To them will fall twin tasks: to find and protect a very old and a very new magic. Although the odds are stacked against them, Logan and Angel have the power to halt the destruction of the Old World.

It will be up to others to usher in the New..............